‘Heroes’ Trailer Released for Justice League

The much anticipated third trailer for the Justice League movie was just released, and we finally see Superman! In a flashback. A flashback guys. Seriously though, this trailer was really awesome, it doesn't do anything to spoil the movie and just shows us even more badass action with the team, which, after the success of... Continue Reading →


‘The Runaways’ First Trailer Released

A teaser for the upcoming Marvel/Hulu adaptation of the award-winning Runaways comics has been released at NYCC. The series follows a group of teens who discover their parents are in a cult, and that they (the teens) have superpowers. The original comics released in 2003, created by legendary comics writer Brian K Vaughn (Saga, Paper Girls). It... Continue Reading →

Flashback Feature: Iron Man (2008)

Hello and welcome to the glorious return of something you guys have been wanting to see again for a very long time, the Flashback Feature! Along with restructuring the site, we have given new life to the flashback feature, by expanding it from just gaming to anime and movies too! So to commemorate the return,... Continue Reading →

What Suicide Squad 2 Needs

Now if we go back in time a year, everyone remembered the hype around DC's Suicide Squad, the soundtrack, the cast, the characters, it was set to be the blockbuster of the summer, and yet, it, wasn't really. Now of course I didn't mind the film too much, but I don't speak for everyone, and... Continue Reading →

MCM London 2017 Event Roundup

Last weekend, I and Discordia had the pleasure of covering the massive event that was MCM comic con in London for two days, along with over 100,000 other guests (seriously the event this yer was huge). From the DC Comics booth to the Transformers 5 exhibits and all the way to the outside Fringe Festival... Continue Reading →

Injustice 2 Mobile Review

Injustice 2 mobile is exactly what one should expect from a mobile version of a console game. It's complete with shiny new graphics and a very simplified, though sometimes unresponsive, control system. And most of the times it works well. It is worth mentioning however that this is a free-to-play app and there are in-app... Continue Reading →

Awesome First Trailer for The Defenders Released

The first trailer for the Marvel/Netflix superhero team-up series, The Defenders, has been released. The trailer shows the first time we have seen all of the Netflix heroes together, along with some hints towards the mysterious enemy they will be facing. The series releases this August and you can check out the trailer below for... Continue Reading →

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